Katie Hopkins Vs Remain Voter On Calais Migrants

29 August 2016, 18:26

Katie Hopkins Vs Remain Voter Over Calais

Nicolas Sarkozy wants the Calais Jungle moved to Britain and this Remain voter says that's a result of Brexit. Katie Hopkins could not disagree more.


Katie Hopkins doesn't hold back with this Remain voter, who says that the Brexit result has deepened the migrant crisis for Britain.

After Nicolas Sarkozy said that he wanted the Calais Jungle moved to Britain, Dave said it was a direct result of voting to leave the EU.

But it was his use of inverted commas that properly wound up Katie on her LBC show.

"The reason why we - in inverted commas - have to pick up the pieces is because we - in inverted commas - chose to leave the European Union," said Dave.

Katie shot back at him: "Why are you putting we in inverted commas Dave?

"You don't like the Leavers do you Dave?"

"Do you know what Dave? I think there's so many Re-moaners with chips on their shoulders...you don't like the fact that we voted Brexit. We won.

"You'd love to see this Jungle moved back to Kent, because you'd see it as punishment and you'd be able to gloat.

"People like you, you are divisive...Brexiteers are actually very passionate, patriotic people who believe we are one country.

"I think it's Re-moaners who are divisive. All your multiculturalism nonsense. We now live in a land, a city of ghettos thanks to your multiculturalism."

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