Tweet Linking Burka To Spit Hoods Gets Maajid Fired Up

22 April 2017, 15:07

Maajid Nawaz Deals With Texter Linking Burka To Spit Hoods

Maajid Nawaz responds to smart-aleck listeners trying to link the burka to police spit hoods.


Maajid Nawaz was hosting a discussion about police spit hoods and got a lot of tweets from people linking them to burkas. He had to respond.

Maajid had kept his response to himself throughout the hour, until this Tweet from Paul meant he had to say something:

"I don't think the burka's OK!" said Maajid. "However there is a key distinction here, Paul...the police in this instance are forcing someone to conceal their face by covering their heads with a hood.

"They have absolute control over that person.

"That is different to a woman voluntarily choosing to cover her face, not being under anyone's detention.

"People need to sometimes take a step back. Not everything has to be about Muslim issues."

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