All Parents Must Listen To This Call From A Child Protection Officer

16 May 2017, 07:34

Child Protection Police Officer Shocks Maajid Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz's incredible conversation with a child protection police officer.


Do you know what your children get up to on the internet? What this Child Protection Officer told Maajid Nawaz is essential listening for every parent.

John is a police officer whose job is to catch paedophiles who groom children online.

And Maajid was lost for words after hearing some of the shocking things Jonathan told him.

He said: "Where there is a child's app - I could name 101 child apps - and there will be a paedophile there. A paedophile masquerading as a child, grooming children, befriending them.

"They will play games with them. The children think of them as innocent games - can you dance? Let's have a race to get into our pyjamas. Let's have a little naked dance together.

"Very innocent things that children wouldn't even see. It's these very subversive ways of getting a child's confidence."

John says parents are not taking the threat as seriously as they should and that children know about the new apps far more quickly than their mum and dad.

Listen to his fascinating call above.

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