Callers Make Maajid Think 'Trump Could Actually Win This'

27 October 2016, 15:49

Maajid Is Starting To Think 'Trump Could Actually Win This'


Almost every poll is showing that Hillary Clinton will win the US presidential election next month. But today's callers suggest it's not so certain.

Over the last few weeks, Donald Trump's campaign appeared to lose all momentum, with mutliple revelations about his sexual conduct and attitudes towards women hurting him with voters.

Almost every poll suggests the election is Hillary's to lose. But when Maajid talked about it this morning, every caller said they supported Trump.

This gave Maajid pause for thought; maybe the polls have got wrong, just like they did with Brexit.

"I remember pre-Brexit and all the polls were saying that we're going to remain, I voted remain, all the polls said we're going to remain. But actually, if you just did a kind of common man's or common person's test and just gauged opinion by chatting to people on the streets of our country, everyone was telling you that they were against the E.U.

"Is it another one of those moments? Where all the polls are telling us that Hillary is going to win, but when we do this kind of anecdotal thing, even here in this country, and everyone is calling in and saying that Trump is going to win.

"Is this one of those moments? Are we misreading this whole thing?"

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