Former Editor Of Turkish Newspaper Zaman Seized By Erdoğan Speaks To Maajid

26 March 2017, 14:33

Former Editor Of Zaman Seized By Erdo?an Speaks To Maajid

This is the astonishing call from the former editor of the Turkish newspaper Zaman, which was seized and destroyed by Erdo?an's government.


In this unexpected call to Maajid Nawaz's show, former editor of the newspaper Zaman, seized and destroyed by Erdoğan's government, says "our histories are being erased".

In this astonishing interview with Maajid Nawaz, former Editor of Zaman, Kerim Balcı, details the terrifying way his publication was taken over and destroyed by Erdoğan's government.

Maajid Nawaz was asking his listeners about 'Sultan Erdogan' amid reports Turks are fleeing Turkey because the President is 'tightening his grip'. 

That's when Kerim unexpectedly phoned in to tell his story. 

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