Maajid Has A Message For Theresa May

14 January 2017, 16:19

Maajid Has A Message For Theresa May

Maajid Nawaz has a message for the Prime Minister following her vow to push for '7-day GP services'.

Theresa May has said surgeries should be open seven days a week from 8am-8pm unless GPs can prove there is no demand for extended hours. 

She has vowed to push for seven-day GP services, prompting a big backlash from doctors.

Here Maajid Nawaz delivers a message to the Prime Minister about the NHS.

He said: "This Prime Minister has threatened to withhold money from GPs to punish them unless, according to her, they open seven days a week. 

"GPs, however, are carrying out 60 million more appointments than five years ago. 60 million more appointments than five years ago. Even her own ministers, Theresa May's own ministers, acknowledge that 5,000 more GPs are needed by 2020 to sustain the pressure on NHS.

"By the way, that's 60 million more appointments than five years ago, with less money to do so. But it doesn't stop there. Theresa May has also gone to war with Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, who in return, accused her of "stretching the truth". 

"Theresa May, you cannot, you will not, win the heart of the nation if you go to war with our National Health Service. We will oppose any measures, any attempt, to privatise or destroy our National Health Service.

"And you certainly cannot win the hearts of this country, if you start attacking those doctors, and those nurses, and those staff, and the head of the NHS for your own political agenda."

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