Maajid Nawaz Delivers Brutal Truth To Anti-Corbyn Labour Members

4 March 2017, 13:45

Maajid Nawaz Has A Very Clear Message For Anti-Corbyn Labour Members

Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership with a landslide victory, twice. Maajid Nawaz wants Labour politicians to accept it, or leave.


Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership with a landslide victory, twice. Maajid Nawaz wants Labour members to accept it, or leave.

Some moderate Labour MPs are considering stripping the hard-left Labour members and supporters of the power to select the next party leader.

Party insiders are considering abolishing the rules imposed by Ed Miliband which allowed each member one vote. 

But Maajid Nawaz thinks this would betray the democratic principles Labour claims to hold. 

He said: "One member, one vote, is fair. Unfortunately, for me, and people like me inside the Labour party, I'm not a Labour Party member, but those who are more centrist inside or centre-left inside the Labour Party, what that means is you are unlikely to ever win again. Sorry, it's just not going to happen.  

"Because Momentum and Corbyn supporters are clearly the majority, and if you've got a system that is fair, which is one member, one vote, then that system will mean that Momentum and Corbynistas in the Labour Party, will continue to be able to return hard left leaders of the Labour Party.  

"But that's democracy. And my message to all those Labour party members who aren't happy with that, I'm very sorry, I'm not happy with it either, but that's why there are other parties out there. 

"You can go and join those other parties, who are perhaps slightly, a bit more centrist. The Liberal Democrats, that nobody votes for because nobody thinks they can win, isn't it about time that those centrist Labour MPs left the Labour Party, defected and joined the party that closely resembles the views that they share, which is the Liberal Democrats? 

"Leave the Labour Party for the leftists, because it needs to be a leftist party out there. Stop whinging, stop complaining, you lost. 

"You tried to unseat Corbyn twice, and each time...he won in a landslide, in a free and fair vote. One member, one vote. And guess what?  He got the majority, overwhelmingly. So stop whinging, stop complaining, if you don't like it, leave the party, if the party's too left wing for you, leave and join a more centrist party."  

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