Maajid Nawaz Perfectly Destroys Caller Who Claims 9/11 Was An Inside Job

29 September 2017, 13:02

When John tried to tell Maajid Nawaz that 9/11 was an inside job, he definitely was not expecting the response he got.

The conspiracy theorist was adamant that there was more to the devastating attacks that rocked New York City than the world was letting on.

“Do you honestly think them buildings just fell down then,” John confidently asked Maajid.

However, what happened next left the LBC caller utterly stunned as Maajid responded: “I’ve been running an organisation specialising in counter-extremism for 10 years founded by former Islamists like me.”

He continued: “I know somebody who, during the USSR Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, fought shoulder to shoulder with Bin Laden before he founded Al-Qaeda.

“I can tell you he has had a personal conversation with Bin Laden before he died and he admits to having planned the 9/11 attacks.”

Watch the mic drop moment above.

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