Maajid Nawaz Perfectly Highlights The Hypocrisy Of Neo-Nazis

9 September 2017, 13:44

"It's okay to glorify a foreigner in the name of your own poisonous ideology, yet at the same time you want to pick on those that you deem foreigners in our own country?"

This week four members of the British army were arrested for allegedly planning Neo-Nazi terror offences. 25 per cent of referrals to the government's counter-extremism programme, Prevent, are related to far-right Neo-Nazi extremism.

Maajid Nawaz this weekend chose to highlight the irony of ultra-nationalist activists idolising Anders Breivik and Adolf Hitler; "There's one type of foreigner they don't mind - and that is the Neo-Nazi foreigner in other countries."

"There&squot;s one type of foreigner they don&squot;t mind" Maajid continued
"There's one type of foreigner they don't mind" Maajid continued. Picture: LBC

Calling out the hypocrisy of the far-right, he elaborated: "They're perfectly happy seeking inspiration from Breivik and even indeed going to those countries for training.

"They're perfectly happy going to Germany and praising perhaps one of the most infamous foreigners of all time, Hitler, may I remind you, wasn't British.

"And yet this organisation that has been banned, National Action, has as one of its slogans 'Hitler was right.'

"So it's okay to glorify a foreigner in the name of your own poisonous ideology, yet at the same time you want to pick on those that you deem foreigners within our own, not your own, our own country?

"Ironically, these far-right Neo-Nazi groups are finding bonds of commonality and sharing ideas with other foreign, I emphasise foreign, Neo-Nazi organisations and creating transnational identities of extremism."

Maajid continued by talking about his own personal experiences of the far-right's violence: "I grew up in Essex being hounded by Combat 18 thugs.

"Being hounded as they carried hammers and claws and machetes and screwdrivers. Stabbing my friends, hitting my friends round the heads with hammers.

"Stabbing them with screwdrivers and even blunt knives just so that the pain was worse, these were people that were either affiliated to or glorified by a banned organisation known as Combat 18.

"And the number 18, the one represents the first letter of the alphabet 'A' and the eight the eighth 'H'.

"These were the initials of Adolf Hitler. Like all Neo-Nazi paramilitary organisations they glorify that one foreigner at the expense of all other people they deem foreigners in our country."

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