Maajid Nawaz: If You Hate Muslims The Jihadists Have Won

8 October 2017, 15:23

"Churchill would be turning in his grave."

Yesterday a man was detained on suspicion of dangerous driving after a car hit a number of pedestrians in South Kensington, injuring 11 people.

Maajid said the response to the accident was verging on hysterical, citing tweets by the Prime Minister about the victims of, what transpired to be, a road traffic accident.

"If we let them intimidate us, we&squot;ve lost."
"If we let them intimidate us, we've lost.". Picture: LBC

He continued that the country's reaction would "have Churchill turning in his grave."

"Terrorists resort to terrorism because they want to intimidate us. They want to change our behaviour.

"Giving in to fear means giving in to the terrorists. To understand how we don't lose in our fight against terrorism, we need to understand the kind of behaviour terrorists are seeking to inspire in us - so we don't lose what is effectively a psychological war before it is a physical war.

"So what is it terrorists want us to do when they attack us? Right up there as item number one is they want to pit us against each other.

"They want us to hate each other, they want us to make assumptions about each other, they want us to suspect each other.

"They want you, white van driver kind of person, to hate somebody like me and they want me to hate somebody like you.

"They want me when I see you to think you're a nazi skinhead, and they want you when you seem to think I'm a jihadist."

Watch the whole clip above.

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