Maajid Nawaz Ridicules Caller Who Says You Can’t Be Gay And Muslim

12 July 2017, 16:10

"You Can&squot;t Be Gay AND A Muslim"

"You Can't Be Gay AND A Muslim"


Maajid Nawaz was left astonished when this caller told him it was not possible to be both gay and a Muslim.

The LBC presenter was discussing the case of the UK’s first same-sex marriage involving a Muslim partner when he took the controversial call.

Korum, a practising Muslim, said: “I have nothing against gay marriage, gay rights or anything like that.

“That’s someone else’s life, that’s between them and God.”

Maajid Nawaz

Maajid sensed a “but” coming as Korum continued: “I’m a firm believer that, yes, you’re entitled to your rights and your life as well. But if you’re gay, you can’t call yourself Muslim!”

The statement left Maajid banging his desk. “That’s the shocker brother,” the LBC presenter responded in disbelief.

Trying to justify his remarks, the caller continued: “It’s like saying I’m a vegetarian but then say I’m going to eat piri-piri chicken.”

Maajid didn’t agree, as he retorted: “Who are you to declare Jahed Choudhury suddenly a non-Muslim because he does something you do not approve of?”

Watch the remarkable call in the video at the top of this page.

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