Maajid's Blazing Row With Muslim Woman Who Refuses Condemn Beating Women

11 June 2017, 16:35

Maajid's Row With Muslim Woman Who Refuses Condemn Beating Women


Maajid Nawaz got riled up when a woman said context should be considered when condemning a man for beating his wife.

"What possible context could justify that passage?is the question Maajid Nawaz posed to this Muslim caller, when she refused to condemn a Quran passage promoting domestic violence. 

The caller, Nadia, said: "Anybody with common sense would see that the first step you take, if you have problem with the woman, you wife, or whoever it is, the first step you take is to discuss with them."

Maajid said: "But the passage goes on beyond that first step doesn't it?"

The pair went onto discuss the "third step", with Maajid pressing her on her stance about domestic violence. 

He said: "I'm going to ask you for a fourth time, is it wrong that the Quran says husbands can beat their wives?"

She responded: "It depends which context you take it in."

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