Maajid's Feisty Spat With Caller Who Says He's A Remoaner

5 August 2017, 13:24

Maajid's Feisty Spat With Caller Who Says He's Remoaner

Maajid's Feisty Spat With Caller Who Says He's Remoaner


Maajid Nawaz locked horns with this stubborn Brexiteer who claimed the LBC Presenter was a Remoaner.

The former Bank of England governor Mervyn King has called for a "credible fallback" if no EU trade deal is reached during Brexit negotiations.

He said Britain needs to show Brussels the UK has an alternative over a bad trade deal post-Brexit, or as Maajid Nawaz put it: a Plan B.

But one caller, Bradley, wasn't happy - and thinks this is just another case of so-called "Remoaning".

He said: "There's no positivity about Brexit. It's all the negatives, and it's bad, and it's not good for us and I feel again that it's being boycotted, it's being tried to be made a bad mark on Brexiting.

"There's no positivity and your doing it again. You're 'unfortunately we've voted this way, what are we going to do'."

Maajid wasn't having it. He hit back: "Oh Bradley, I'm allowed to...I conceded that I'm the vanquished and you are the victor, but I'm allowed as the vanquished one in this vote--"

Bradley consistently attempted to interrupt. Maajid continued: "Hold on Bradley, hold on, hold on, hold on mate, I'm allowed to as the vanquished one, still utter my own preference.

"Obviously I would say 'unfortunately we voted Brexit', I wouldn't be like 'yes, fortunately I lost', because that would mean I had changed my mind, which I haven't."

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