Maajid's Four Fiery Reasons To Abolish The House Of Lords

2 April 2017, 13:12

Maajid's Four Fiery Reasons To Abolish The House Of Lords

Maajid lays down four compelling reasons why it's time to abolish the House of Lords in this fiery rant.


Britain appeared to reject Brussels’ elitism during the Brexit referendum campaign, so Maajid is miffed why we’re still happy to accept the unelected nature of the House of Lords…

In this passionate rant, Maajid laid down four damning reasons as to why it’s now time to reform the unelected upper chamber.

The first, "hosting multi-millionaire peers who don't need any money", said Maajid. "Multi-millionaire peers are claiming up to £40,000 pounds a year in expenses merely for attending the House of Lords while doing hardly anything."

The second: "You stand accused of cronyism, your size has bloated, has inflated to a point where you are now obese, overweight and morbidly unhealthy 800 of you are stuffed into this out of date institution.

"The reason you're stuffed there? Because you are rich enough some of you, rich enough to donate to the political parties so that in return you are given a favour and ennobled when it is no longer ennobled."

Maajid's third point was: "Your peers can charge up to £300 a day merely for clocking in. What other job do you know of in this countryanywhere else in the world where merely for turning up you get paid £300 and you walk out the door?"

Maajid finished with his fouth issue: "You stand accused of hosting among your ranks those who have broken the law, those who have criminal convictions, there are criminal convicts who are members of the House of Lords. Why? Because once you're given a peerage you're in there for life."

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