Merkel's 'Open Door' Policy Helped Lead To Brexit, Says Maajid Nawaz

16 July 2017, 15:22

Maajid Nawaz - 16th July 2017

Maajid made the comments after Tony Blair hinted that politicians high up in the European Union are prepared to offer the UK a deal to remain.

Merkel's 'open door' policy helped cause Brexit says Maajid Nawaz

Maajid asks listeners: Is there anything Europe could offer the UK to make us stay?


As Tony Blair heavily implies that European Union officials are willing to offer the UK a deal to remain in the Union, remain voter Maajid Nawaz asked listeners if there was anything they could offer to make Brexiteers change their mind.

Although Maajid accepts that the results of the referendum, he also blamed the German Chancellor Angela Merkel for encouraging xenophobic views, which lead to the majority voting leave. 

He said: "Had the EU made some basic concessions, I think we could have avoided Brexit. Of course it's not just the EU leaders fault, of course there are many things that lead to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, including, I believe, Angela Merkel's open door policy. 

"I think she contributed to the fear of the foreign which lead to the Brexit vote.

"If the EU offered to give us control back on immigration, to end the freedom of movement clause, would that change your mind?"

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