Trans Caller Wants To Leave Country Thanks To Other Trans Activists' Behaviour

25 September 2017, 09:50

The caller said radical activist group ATH are making a joke of trans issues.

A transgender pressure group has publicly supported violence against women.

Some of Action for Trans Health's members tweeted their agreement with a violent attack against 60-year-old Maria MacLachlan, after she disagreed with the suggestion that anyone who self-identifies as a woman should be able to use women-only areas like changing rooms.

A caller spoke to Maajid Nawaz, saying that the group's extremist position made a joke of transgender issues.

Maajid asked is the caller was worried about the future of the transgender movement
Maajid asked is the caller was worried about the future of the transgender movement. Picture: LBC

They said: "You're not mucking around here, this is really, really serious stuff.

"It makes a whole laughing stock of what it is to be transgender.

"If those sort of people are representing us, I'm afraid I'll need to move to a different country.

"I don't want to be where a group supports violence against other groups, we can't go punching each other Maajid.

"Any form of violence, honestly I really find that disgusting.

"I boxed for twenty years and I don't need to use it on anyone, if I can't do it with words I might as well step out all together."

Watch the whole call above.

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