'I'm A Woman And I'd Still Vote For Donald Trump'

8 October 2016, 13:06

'I'm a woman and I'd still vote for Donald Trump.' Matt Frei was taken aback by this caller's defence of the controversial Republican candidate.

Aldi in Belgravia called Matt and asked "How can I vote for Donald Trump, I’d like to vote for him!"

This is despite a tape emerging of the Trump boasting about being able to "do anything I want" with women.

Matt responds; "Really? Why?"

Aldi: "Because it is just petty things, my goodness me."

“I mean this happened 11 years ago, I'm not a feminist, anyway, and God knows what goes on in all the male politicians' minds.”

Matt asked; 'Yu don't find what he said 11 years ago, but also what he's been saying about women, about Hillary Clinton this year- you don't find any of that offensive?"

Aldi responded: "I think that is just the Clintons trying to stir it up.”



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