Matt Frei Reveals The World's Most Shocking News Story You've Never Heard

22 September 2016, 07:58

Matt Frei On The Philippines' Ugly War On Drugs

This is shocking: Matt Frei reveals one of the world's ugliest news stories that you've heard next to nothing about.


Matt Frei told Nick Ferrari the alarming tale of the Philippines' war on drugs - one of the most shocking stories in world news that very few people know about.

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LBC's new presenter - who will host his own show every Saturday - was speaking to Nick Ferrari on Breakfast ahead of his first show.

And he revealed the story of the Philippines' president Rodrigo Duterte and his policy on how to halt the country's problem with drugs.

It led Nick to wonder why this wasn't front page news.

Matt said: "We were talking earlier about the violence in North Carolina. This is black civilians being shot by the police. Yet again we have a riot, yet again we have a state of emergency, yet again America's reminded of the appalling, toxic, cancerous problem of too many guns on the streets and what to do about it.

"Well, the Philippines has got a solution. And it's ugly. It's very ugly.

"The Filipino President, who took office about four months ago, a man called Rodrigo Dutuerte, who campaigned embracing his nickname Dirty Harry.

"He called on ordinary Filipino citizens, where gun ownership is as rife as it is in the United States, to go out and kill drug addicts and pushers, to basically take the law into their own hands.

"He said, 'Kill them because you're doing their parents a favour' because parents will not kill their own children when they take drugs because they might be emotionally psychologically conflicted.

"Now this is pretty abrasive rhetoric but it is also been put into action. 3,000 pushers, dealers and addicts have been killed in the last three months.

"President Obama hearing about this a few weeks ago got very upset and criticised the president of the Philippines. The Philippines is a very important strategic partner the US. The President of the Philippines responded by calling Obama a son of the whore. Obama then cancelled a bilateral meeting that he was going to have at a summit with him.

"The EU has now weighed in and has criticised him for doing these extra-judicial killings. He has told them to f. off and he did not just use the letter and he did it twice, proffering also a middle finger."

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