Matt Frei: Trump Could Change US Forever

15 October 2016, 10:51

Trump's War With His Own Party Could Change US Forever


Matt Frei says Donald Trump is at war with his own party - and his supporters love him for it.

Talking on his LBC show he said that Trump’s war on the Republican party and the political establishment may change America forever.

“What is true is that there are millions of Americans who feel left out of the political system the way that it's been moving and working so far, they feel left out, they feel left behind and they feel that in Donald Trump they are finally being heard.”

“That is a political fact that we cannot get around it may not be enough to get him into the White House but it is enough to rearrange the political furniture of the United States perhaps permanently. And of course the biggest impact of this will be on the Republican Party, that is tearing itself to pieces.”

“This is the party of Abraham Lincoln tearing itself to pieces over the phenomenon of Donald Trump. The party saying ground control to Major Trump, but Major Trump, guess what, is not listening. He's a free radical out there. He's a wrecking ball on the loose against his own party and indeed against the political establishment.”

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