Matt Frei: We Are Now In A Post Trump Reality

12 November 2016, 11:08

Matt Frei says that after Donald Trump's election; 'we have to accept we are in a different reality.'

Having spent the last week covering the earth shattering US election, Matt said that it should serve as a wakeup call.

“The assumptions that we made were different and I think those assumptions have to be recalibrated to use Washington term.”

“We have to kind of assume that we are in a different reality. That the opinions of people outside the metropolitan bubble, the rage and the anger that exists in large parts of America, whether justified or not because remember the economy is actually doing rather well there and by the way the average income of a trump supporter is seventy one thousand dollars, so not that poor after all but we have to assume that there is a different way of seeing the world out there.”

“They have a different prism, a lot of these people, to the way that we see it in places like Washington London or New York and I think that is one of the big lessons here.”

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