"You Asked For Brexit, Not Us' Says Former Chair Foreign Affairs Committee

24 June 2017, 12:53

Elmar Brok says any agreement for EU Citizens following Brexit needs to have "safeguards" and cannot be controlled by the UK courts.

Elmar Brok Says ECJ Needs to Play a Role in EU Citizens Deal

Elmar Brok Says ECJ Needs to Play a Role in EU Citizens Deal


Speaking to Matt Frei the former Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Senior German MEP Elmar Brok said: “Our position is that because this is a continuation of European law for the time where these people live - not new people, the people who are there at the moment, and we believe that it would be legally logical for the European Court of Justice to play a role.”

He added: "This agreement cannot be just checked and controlled by the UK courts. We need to find a safeguard.”

Frei and Brok

Mr Brok said Theresa May's offer was a "right step in the right direction" but insisted the offer cannot be in hands of the British Government to change in the future.

"It cannot purely be National law that can be changed anytime, that's where we need to find a solution."

As European negotiations get going the question of what will happen to those EU citizens settled in Britain and vice versa remains.

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