Resident Unaware Of Evacuation For Six Hours

24 June 2017, 07:30

Gus who lives in one of the towers on the Chalcots Estate says he'd heard nothing from the council about the evacuation six hours after it was announced.

"I Was Told Nothing"

"I Was Told Nothing"


Matt Stadlen read him a statement from the council.

The caller, who was on the 18th floor said: "I haven't been contacted at all.

"I might be here alone for all I know."

He added he wasn't tempted to leave his home.

Matt Stadlen

Gus told LBC he had friends in the US who were wondering how he was getting on, while he remained unaware of the situation.

The resident was in good spirits and quipped that packing a bag with items to last four weeks would involve "a lot of tins of baked beans."

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