Amnesty For Grenfell Lawbreakers? Absolutely Not, Says Commentator

22 June 2017, 07:51

A political commentator has told LBC that an amnesty for illegal immigrants living in Grenfell Tower would just encourage other people to break the law.

Commentator Dismisses Grenfell Amnesty Call

Commentator Dismisses Grenfell Amnesty Call


Mayor Sadiq Khan has told LBC he is calling for a complete amnesty for anyone who was living illegally or sub-letting their flat when it caught fire, killing at least 79 people.

But political commentator David Vance has dismissed the call, calling it "confused thinking".

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Mr Vance said: "It's really ill-considered thinking.

"What we're talking about here is let's set aside law-breaking and I don't think that is, in any regard, the appropriate thing to do.

"If people have broken the law, they must be held accountable to the law."

Nick Ferrari David Vance
Nick Ferrari David Vance

Nick queried whether Mr Vance is showing a lack of humility to these people who have lost everything. But he hit back: "If they shouldn't be here, I'm not sure why I should feel humility for them.

"I have humility towards the British taxpayer, towards British citizens, towards anyone in this country who is in trouble.

"Why should we prioritise lawbreakers?"

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