The Bizarre Call That Left Nick Ferrari With His Head In His Hands

5 April 2017, 10:24

Caller's Bizarre Rant Leaves Nick Ferrari With His Head In His Hands


This caller left Nick Ferrari with his head in his hands after comparing women in the boardroom with chimpanzees.

Zach from Reading believes that female quotas in the boardroom are discriminating against men.

But then he went one step further and said we may as well have chimpanzees or tigers in the boardroom too, if we really cared about diversity.

Zach started: "We need to establish what our values are. Are we democrats, do believe in democracy, so in other words, one person one vote and everybody goes in and everybody's vote is equal.

So far so good. But he continued: "Or do we believe in discrimination? So in other words, like OK fine, you know, you may be the better skilled person in this and that and whatever have you. But you know what, we need to actually employ, let's say a chimpanzee, a baboon, a deer, a tiger."

Nick asked: "Have you been drinking?" And when Zach said no, Nick added: "Well maybe you should start."

Zach continued and the call got more and more entertaining.

Eventually, when the call finished, Nick said: "I'm off for a lie-down."

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