Is Boris Johnson "The Man Who Delivered Brexit"?

27 April 2017, 09:52

Is Boris "The Man Who Delivered Brexit"?

Boris Johnson describes himself as "the man who delivered Brexit", something Nick has to pick him up on.


Talking about the reception he gets when he meets EU leaders, Boris Johnson described himself as "the man who delivered Brexit"...before quickly backtracking and saying it was

"When you go and meet EU leaders, what sort of welcome is afforded to you?" asked Nick.

"They're genuinely extremely friendly," started Boris, before reflecting on how the initial reaction after the EU referendum vote was slightly less warm.

"When the whole thing began, when I was appointed Foreign Secretary nine months ago, I walked into the room and they thought: 'Oh my God, it's the guy who delivered Brexit'.

"They know now that this is a chance not to have a divorce, not a dissolution, but a resolution of the problem with the UK.

"We've been difficult with our European friends and partners for years and years."

When Boris had finished, Nick asked him about that "man who delivered Brexit" line.

"Always self-effacing, aren't you?" joked Nick. "The man who delivered Brexit - that's how you just described yourself...your words not mine!"

Boris was quick to clarify that those were actually the words of "my friend" Witold Waszczykowski, the Polish Foreign Minister.

"Of course he's not right but that is alas how they see it."

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