This EU Citizen Says Britain Blames Its Mistakes On The EU

30 March 2017, 09:27

EU Woman Gives Nick Both Barrels Over Brexit

Nick is confronted by an EU citizen living in Britain furious at the "arrogant" way we're handling Brexit.


Aldi did not hold back in her remarkable rant about how Britain is approaching the EU, prompting Nick Ferrari to ask her: "If you have that many problems with the UK, why do you stay?"

"The way you are conducting Brexit, you have such a level of arrogance," started Aldi, "You are treating the EU leaders without very much respect."

"Every problem now you have in this country now is the fault of the EU.

"You cannot accept that a lot of things you make wrong in this country, things that happened here before, is your own fault."

And for Aldi, the issue that typifies Britain's approach to the rest of Europe? Language.

"I work for a big firm here, I have to tell you one thing. We need to bring workers from other countries in Europe because...British people, to be very honest, are not good for languages."

Nick cut across her: "Aldi. It's lovely having you here but if you have that many problems with the United Kingdom, why do you stay?"

"You only think about your Empire. That is gone! That is finished!" responded Aldi. "I stay here because I pay a lot of tax here.

"Since Brexit has started, the attacks against us Europeans, would you like now if in Italy, or in Germany, or in France, we started to talk on the radio all the time very badly?

"You are treating us in a very bad, nasty way."

Nick's reply? "I couldn't give a damn what they're saying about us on a radio station in Rome or Paris."

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