This Lib Dem Wants Another Referendum, Nick Wants Her To Accept Brexit

21 April 2017, 08:23

Nick Can't Get His Head Around Lib Dem's Brexit Proposal

Nick Ferrari can't get his head around what this Lib Dem writer is suggesting for Brexit.


This Lib Dem writer wants a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal. Nick Ferrari wants to know why she can't accept the result of last year's referendum.

"You want a referendum on the deal?" asked an incredulous Nick as he spoke to Caron Lindsay, editor of Liberal Democrat Voice.

"Absolutely, that's what it's about," said Lindsay. "If we don't like the deal, we stay in the EU."

"So effectively it's a best of three [referendums] for you, is it?" asked Nick. "We had the one back in the 1970s, the one back last year and now, under the Lib Dems, we'd have another one.

"And presumably, if you didn't get that one, you wouldn't like that one either. Why are you doing Europe's work for them?"

Lindsay: "What we're doing is we're giving the people control."

Nick: "The people were given control last year and they voted leave."

The LBC presenter then pushed Lindsay on where a vote on the terms of the deal was in last year's government leaflet informing people of how the referendum would work.

It got a little bit testy...

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