Brexit Secretary David Davis: 'The EU Is Missing Us Already... Of Course They Are'

30 March 2017, 10:10

David Davis: 'Britain Is Not Like Other EU Member States'

Speaking to Nick Ferrari the day after Article 50 was triggered, David Davis said Britain is not like other EU member states.


The day after Theresa May triggered Article 50, Brexit Secretary David Davis joined Nick Ferrari in the studio to talk about what happens next.

David Davis joined Nick Ferrari in the studio this morning to give an idea of what will happen over the next two years, after Theresa May began the process that will see the UK leave the EU.

He said that Britain is aiming for a "good deal" not "no deal" - but Nick asked him why the EU would give Britain a good deal, saying that it might encourage other EU members to leave.

David Davis explained it's because Britain is different to other member states. 

Nick went onto quiz Mr Davis about Donald Tusk's comments: "We already miss you. Thank you and goodbye."

Nick asked: "You're nothing but a Conservative tough guy, but you would have needed a heart of steel not to be slightly moved by the 'we're missing you already' comments', Mr Secretary."

David Davis said: "Well, of course they are. I mean, our allies-" 

Nick said: "It was very poignant, wasn't it? When Tusk said that?"

Mr Davis replied: "Of course, of course. Bear in mind we voted for Tusk to carry on in his current job, against his country's opposition.

"But the truth is this, when I talk to [other member states] they all say 'we wish you weren't going', and why do they say that? 

"Partly it's money of course, but partly, and I think mostly, it's because we're allies on all things they think are important. 

"Free trade, deregulation, security, stability, the rule of law. We're good guys on all these things.

 "So we're not going to be there anymore in the councils on these matters. So we understand that they feel that, and they would rather we didn't leave. 

"If they could find a way of stopping us leaving then they probably would, in their own interest.

"This is understandably sad for them, but I say to them 'look, we're not leaving, but we're not going to be in the Union anymore, but we're still going to be around."

You can watch the interview in full below.

David Davis Interview In Full

The day after Article 50 was triggered, Brexit Secretary David Davis joined Nick Ferrari in the studio to talk about what happens next.


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