British Army Vet: "I Was Chuffed To Hear McGuinness Was Dead"

21 March 2017, 10:53

Former British Army Member Has No Time For Mourning Of McGuinness

What a reaction.


Jackie was a member of the British Army who served in Londonderry in the the 1970s. She tells Nick Ferrari she was delighted to hear "that scumbag" Martin McGuinness was dead.

"I was totally chuffed to find out that scumbag was dead," started Jackie, "As far as I'm concerned, there's no difference between Martin McGuinness and Saddam Hussein.

"No difference whatsoever."

It's one of the most striking takes on McGuinness on a day that has seen opinion divided on his legacy, from Tony Blair and Gerry Adams praising him to Lord Tebbit telling LBC the world was a "sweeter and cleaner place" without him.

Jackie continued: "People were too scared, too terrified to stand up in court and say what [the IRA] did.

"He was very lucky to die with his family around him. His children and grandchildren knowing him. There's thousands of people who died in Northern Ireland because of his and other terrorism acts who never had that privilege."

Jackie said 99% of former service personnel would agree with her opinion of McGuinness.

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