Celebrations Will Echo Across The Land When Marine A Is Released: Nick Ferrari

16 March 2017, 08:50

Nick Ferrari Hails Marine A Decision

The celebrations will echo around Britain when Marine A is finally released, says Nick Ferrari.


Nick Ferrari hailed the decision to downgrade the murder conviction of Marine A to manslaughter.

Sergeant Alexander Blackman was jailed for shooting dead an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan in 2011.

But yesterday, a judge downgraded his conviction, saying his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder should have been taken into account in the original trial. He may now be released within weeks.

And speaking on his LBC show, Nick said the celebrations would be heard across the UK when he walks free.

He said: "If we cannot look after the men and women who defend this country, well frankly what the bloody hell is this country about?

"The reason that we sleep safe in our beds is because people like this bloke and our police forces as well. When things go wrong and they will go wrong and if you're a soldier or if you're a police officer things can go tragically and fatally wrong. Where is the support then?

"I can't wait for the day when that bloke walks out, the cheers like around the land I would have thought."

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