Chancellor: This Is How Tories SHOULD Have Run Election Campaign

22 June 2017, 10:37

Philip Hammond has told LBC that the Conservatives slumped at this month's General Election because they failed to talk about their success with the economy.

Hammond: What The Tories Should Have Said In The Election Campaign

Hammond: What The Tories Should Have Said In The Election Campaign


Having previously said he would have preferred a different role in the election campaign, Nick Ferrari asked him what he would have liked to do.

The Chancellor said he was proud of the government's record on the economy and feels they would have had more success if they told people about it.

Nick Ferrari Philip Hammond

He said: "I would have liked us to have more time in the General Election campaign talking about the economic track record, picking up an economy in 2010 which was borrowing £1 in every £5 the government was spending, that had a record high deficit and where the economy was flatlining.

"We turned that around to an economy that has created 2.9million net new jobs over seven years, reducing the deficit as a percentage of GDP by three-quarters.

"And at the same time, getting us in a position where inequality in this country is at the lowest level its been for 30 years.

"That is an incredible track record and we didn't make enough of it."

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