Don't Let Brits Who Join ISIS Back, Insists Nick

12 August 2016, 14:21

Nick Ferrari: Don't Let Jihadi Brides Back To Britain

Hundreds of Britons who left to join ISIS are disillusioned and want to come home. Lock them out, says Nick Ferrari.


Hundreds of Britons who left to join ISIS are disillusioned and want to come home. Nick Ferrari says we should lock them out.

Kadiza Sultana, the British schoolgirl who flew to Syria to become a Jihadi bride, is believed to have been killed in an airstrike in Syria.

Dr Usama Hasan, the Head of Islamic Studies at the anti-extremist organisation Quilliam Foundation, told Nick that she wanted to come home, along with hundreds of others Brits who had joined ISIS.

But Nick insists anyone who made that trip should be banned from coming back, saying: "Surely we bolt the door in their face, don't we?"

Dr Hasan responded: "These are British citizens. We have to deal very carefully with returnees.

"Some of them will be dangerous terrorists, especially some of the young men. We have to deal with them. Prosecute them. Lock them up. But even in prison, we have to deradicalise them.

"We give murderers a second chance, therefore we have to do that with terrorists. We already do that in prisons with terrorists."

Nick was having none of it, stating: "But I don't want them back and I don't think my listeners do either. Can't we just renounce their citizenship? Just literally make them stateless so they're stuck."

When Dr Hasan says that is against international law, Nick responds: "But they went and helped the enemy.

"If we go back a few decades, that's like bringing some Nazis in.

"She [Kadiza Sultana] was smart enough to get her passport, get some cash and fly to Syria

"On a human level - I'm sorry if her friends are listening - but it's one less Jihadi bride."

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