Fallon Defends May As She Threatens To Withdraw EU Security Co-operation

31 March 2017, 09:42

Fallon Defends May's EU Security Comments

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says Theresa May's comment on withdrawing security co-operation with the EU was not a threat, but a "statement of the fairly obvious".


Sir Michael Fallon told LBC that Theresa May's comment on withdrawing cooperation over security was not a threat to the EU - but completely common sense.

Many commentators have suggested that May is blackmailing the European Union, by putting them in danger unless they agree to favourable trade terms.

But Sir Michael defended her comments. Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "It's not a threat. With respect, it's a statement of fairly obvious.

"We want security cooperation to continue. Europe faces threats, particularly from terrorism. There's a lot of sharing of intelligence that police forces across Europe working together, our ability to have people who are arrested who are wanted for trial in this country, return to this country to face justice.

"Some of these arrangements are part of the European treaties, some sit outside the treaties. But what we're very clear about is the new partnership we want with the European Union should be a deep and special partnership that covers, not just economics and trade and access to the market in goods and services, but should cover security as well.

"That's the new relationship that we seek with Europe."

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