Ferrari Lays Into Luvvies Speaking Out Against Brexit

13 February 2017, 09:34

Nick Ferrari

"That's democracy," roars Nick Ferrari as he told the luvvies at the BAFTAs to stop complaining about the results of elections.

Nick was livid at Zoë Ball telling the director of La La Land that the joyous film was "something that people really need in the current climate."

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "What? That would be democracy would it? The fact that people voted for Brexit.

And listen, we'll have to see how Donald Trump turns out. Much of what Mr Trump has done is absolutely reprehensible, but guess what? He also won by democracy.

"If these people loathe it so much, go into politics. Of course they're entitled to an opinion, I'm not saying they are not entitled to an opinion, but the way they self-preen, this virtue signaling that it's all so wrong.

"These frocks cost two and a half thousand pounds. They'll probably keep a family in Sunderland going for two months. Why don't they give the cash there? Why have you got two and a half grand on a frock.

"They all are so right on, aren't they? And that ghastly Stephen Fry looking like a big Honey Monster or whatever, it's just horrific."

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