"Game Over": Nick Ferrari Tears Into "Pitiful" Ukip

24 February 2017, 07:52

Nick Ferrari Peter Whittle

Nick Ferrari labelled Ukip's by-election performance pitiful as Ukip failed to win the Stoke by-election.

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall came a distant second in the Potteries, while the party's share slumped in Copeland.

Peter Whittle said that the seats are far from Ukip's top target seats, but Nick dismissed his excuses, saying it showed the electorate dismissed the party and their ideas.

Ferrari Tears Into 'Pitiful' Ukip Performance

Nick Ferrari tears into Ukip Deputy leader Peter Whittle: "It was pitiful."


Nick told Mr Whittle: "Let's look at Copeland where your percentage of the vote went from 15.5% in 2015 to 6.5% last night. That is the people of that area, I put it to you again, totally rejecting your party and your message. There's no other way of looking at it."

Mr Whittle responded: "When Ukip wins something, we are a flash in the pan. When we lose something, somehow it's the end. We're always being questioned as to our existence. Nationally, I'd say to you Nick, this week we were fifteen points..."

But Nick interrupted: "No no no, that doesn't matter. Honestly that's like saying we had a very good training session but every time you play a game you lose and you've lost both games. It's pitiful, let's be candid with each other.

"If you can't win with your leader. You threw everything bar the kitchen sink into it at Stoke, Mr Whittle, you concede that yourself. You put probably one of your best candidates up and he lost. He lost. Game over."

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