Labour Vow To Make Nick Ferrari's NHS Campaign A Law

26 April 2017, 08:56

Labour Will Make Nick Ferrari's GEMS Campaign Law

The Shadow Health Secretary reveals Labour will implement Nick Ferrari's GEMS campaign and make it a specific criminal offence to assault NHS staff.


Labour will turn Nick Ferrari's GEMS campaign into a reality if they win the General Election.

Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth told LBC that they would make it a specific criminal offence to assault NHS staff, as it is currently with police officers.

Nick launched his Guard Our Emergency Medical Services campaign earlier this year after discovering there are 193 assaults on doctors, nurses and paramedics every day in England.

Over 100,000 people signed the petition and it was debated in parliament having been given cross-party support.

And now Mr Ashworth has vowed to put it into law.

Speaking to Nick, he said: "We will legislate to make it illegal to assault NHS staff. I know you and your listeners have been campaigning for this."

Mr Ashworth also promised NHS workers in England a pay rise above the current cap if it wins the election.

The Shadow Health Secretary said staff have been "undervalued, overworked and underpaid".

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