Michael Fallon Calls Corbyn "A Security Risk To The Country"

24 April 2017, 09:00

Michael Fallon calls Jeremy Corbyn a "security risk to the country"


The Defence Secretary called the Labour party a "security risk" for not being prepared to "authorise strikes against terrorists".

In an interview on Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn did not make clear whether he would authorise a nuclear strike or even a drone strike against terrorists.

Fallon said the Labour leader's views "were not just unimpressive but alarming."

"It's clearly putting Mr Corbyn and Labour as a security risk to this country if you're not prepared to authorise strikes against terrorists." He said.

On the question of whether the Conservatives would launch a "first strike" with nuclear weapons, Fallon said the purpose was to be vague.

"Yeah. We've made it very clear that the enemy is not sure whether or not you would use your nuclear deterrent. 

"If you rule out using a deterrent in any particular circumstances, you remove the uncertainty, and the whole point of the deterrent is... to leave any potential adversaries in doubt as to how we would respond."

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