Nick Dismantles Man Who Said Police Shouldn't Be Armed

4 August 2016, 09:39

Nick Ferrari On Why Armed Police Are Essential

This caller said he was "dismayed" that armed police will patrol London. Nick Ferrari brilliantly dismantled his argument in just 30 seconds.


Nick Ferrari brilliantly dismantled a caller who said police shouldn't be armed in just 30 seconds.

Peter in Holborn said he was dismayed by the arming of the police, saying they would be drawing their weapons in inappropriate situations.

But Nick just made one point leave Peter completely lost for words.

Peter said: "I'm dismayed by the arming of the police. It puts me in mind of when I taught in Valencia in 1967 to teach the ideas of democracy and at every opportunity, the civil guards were out there swinging their sub-machine guns."

But Nick simply asked: "Suppose somebody takes an 84-ton truck and starts driving it through Russell Square, if we haven't got a copper with a gun, what are we going to do?"

Peter responded: "That's a good question, well the thing is..."

Nick insisted: "No no, never mind 'The thing is', we've got an 84-ton truck driving through Russell Square, mowing down people trying to get to work, how are you going to stop it if we haven't got a bloke or woman with a gun?"

Peter said: "It's questionable whether a person with a gun is going to be able to stop that truck."

But Nick replied: "Well it's got a good chance, because he's going to shoot the guy. 

"So third time of asking, that truck, going through Russell Square has now mowed down people while you're thinking. How are you going to stop it?"

That left Peter completely lost for words.

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