Nick Ferrari's Withering Putdown To Ukip Spokesperson

5 May 2017, 09:56

Ferrari's Withering Put-Down To Ukip Spokesman Over Election Performance


This is Nick Ferrari's withering putdown to a Ukip spokesperson who claimed that the party was going strong, despite not yet winning a seat at the local elections.

Peter Reeve, the Ukip spokesperson for local government, insisted the party were still a success because they beat the Conservatives in a national vote - the European elections in 2014.

But Nick Ferrari quipped: "You're speaking as though you are the manager of a freshly-relegated team, saying 'Do you know what, we had a great cup run three years ago'. Nobody cares.

"You're zero out of 39 currently. Your party is through, your job is done.

You brought about probably the biggest revolution that I will ever see in my lifetime. Just accept your job is done and go and do other things."

But Mr Reeve said: "The reality is, my friend, our job is far from done.

"On the doorsteps, this government has pulled a blinder, where they've convinced people they must vote Conservative tactically in the local government elections to protect Brexit

"And our kind of voters are listening to that. They put the country first, as Ukip does."

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