Notting Hill Carnival Organiser Won't Give Nick Straight Answer

17 December 2015, 08:45

Notting Hill Carnival Twitter

Listen as Nick struggles to get a straight answer - or any answer - as he discusses the future of the Notting Hill Carnival with one of its organisers.

Augustine Pepe Francis joined Nick as the future of the carnival continues to be debated, in the wake of the 2015 evet featuring the highest number of arrests in nearly a decade.

Nick wanted to get some answers on why the crime rate had soared, but Mr Francis seemed determined not to give them in an exchange that went from frank to funny - and back again.

Nick: Why was there was so much crime this year, would you think? Good morning.

Mr Francis: We didn't say there was so much crime.

Nick: It was the highest number of arrests since 2008. Why do you suppose that was?

Mr Francis: I don't agree that there was.

Nick: What do you mean you don't agree that - what do you - it's a police record! There were the highest number of arrests since 2008 and I'm asking why do you suppose that is?

Mr Francis: Um.

Nick: Fantastic!

Take a listen to the full call above and then listen to the hilarious row between a Notting Hill resident and a partygoer from Ian Collins' show. 


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