Stanley Johnson: 'The Lib Dems Would Be Lucky To Have My Daughter'

28 April 2017, 10:06

Stanley Johnson: 'The Lib Dems Would Be Lucky To Have My Daughter'

It has been reported Rachel Johnson wants to stand as a Liberal Democrat MP to help fight a hard Brexit - here her father, Stanley Johnson, tells Nick what he knows.


Stanley Johnson, Rachel and Boris Johnson's father, spills the beans on those rumours about Rachel joining the Liberal Democrats.

The former Tory MEP, who voted to Remain but whose son Boris Johnson was an vocal Leave campaigner, spoke to Nick Ferrari about rumours Rachel Johnson wants to stand as a Lib Dem MP.

It has been reported the journalist joined the Liberal Democrats in protest of Tory support for Brexit, and even wants to stand as an MP.

But Ms Johnson may not get the opportunity because she has been a member for less than a year. 

Regardless, Stanley Johnson thinks the party would be 'jolly lucky to have her'. 

In an interview with Nick Ferrari, he revealed all he knows, and said while he'll always be a 'true blue', there is an important political point to make. 

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