Stop Wasting Time, We Need To Tag Terror Suspects, Insists Nick Ferrari

18 September 2017, 07:48

Nick Ferrari insisted we have to tag all terror suspects if we want to stop this wave of attacks in Britain.

Friday's bomb on the London Underground was the fifth terror attack in the UK this year - and Nick said it's time to act now.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Whichever way you cut it, on Friday we got incredibly lucky. If it had actually gone off properly, if the train had been in a tunnel, if the doors hadn't have been opened, you're looking at something far far worse.

Nick Ferrari said it's time to tag terror suspects after the Parsons Green attack
Nick Ferrari said it's time to tag terror suspects after the Parsons Green attack. Picture: LBC / @RRigs

And I appreciate the way laws are currently constituted, we cannot suddenly tag these 300-odd folk.

"If one of these is fairly mobile, it can take somewhere in the region of 20 surveillance officers for each one. Enough already. That stops now.

"We have to review each of those 300 cases and where there's anything that remotely suggests, remotely suggests that this time, carrying a Lidl or Aldi bag they could be successful, they're tagged.

"And by the way, if they have any problems with that, then just leave the country. Go live someplace else.

"Because people going to work at twenty past eight in the morning have a right to do so without thinking that suddenly the tube is going to explode."

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