Tory Minister Tries To Tell Nick Ferrari Theresa May Is Looking Strong, It Doesn't Go Well

10 July 2017, 08:32

Nick Ferrari Scoffs At Conservative Minister's Claim About Theresa May

Nick Ferrari Scoffs At Conservative Minister's Claim About Theresa May


A Conservative Minister insisted that Theresa May's plan to work with the other parties shows how strong she is - and Nick Ferrari wasn't having any of it.

The Prime Minister is calling on other political parties to come forward with their own ideas.

In a major speech tomorrow, Theresa May will admit she has to adopt a different approach to government after losing her Commons majority.

Her First Secretary of State, Damien Green has told Nick the Conservatives' political rivals suggested it showed the Prime Minister's strength.

Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio
Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio

But Nick Ferrari scoffed at that saying: "So the Conservatives don't have the answers any more?

"You're not really portraying this as a position of strength, Mr Green?

"You've not been on the prosecco again, have you?"

The final line is a reference to claims Mrs May would face a leadership challenge, which was dismissed by Justice Secretary David Lidington as a product of "too much sun and too much warm prosecco".

Nick added: "I know you're a very close personal friend of Mrs May and you're loyal, but come on, this is a pretty grim time for her."

Damian Green
Damian Green

Mr Green responded: "We've had the election result, which wasn't as good as we'd have hoped for and we've got the parliamentary arithmatic that we've got.

"But this is a government and a Prime Minister which is determined to pursue an ambitious programme of domestic reform.

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