"You Lost, Get Over It": Ferrari's Stark Message To Remainer

27 February 2017, 11:09

Nick Ferrari

Nick Ferrari had a clear message to this Remain voter who wants the House of Lords to block the Brexit bill: "You lost, get over it".

Claire in Edgware said the Brexit debate had degenerated into farce, insisting the House of Lords is there exactly to act as a check on the House of Commons and the accusations of being out of touch are unfair.

'You Lost, Get Over It!' Ferrari Tells Remainer

Nick Ferrari has a stark message for this Remainer: "You lost, get over it!"


She was very passionate about it - and was not happy when Nick suggested she just needed to get over it.

Reading from the government leaflet, Nick told her: "The government will implement what you decide. There was no suggestion that it would then be an advisory and then we'll have another referendum about whether we like the terms of the deal.

"This is the closest to a contract you've got. You can't have these unelected Lords and Ladies suddenly saying "No no no, you're all rather stupid you've got it wrong. We're going over, we're doing it again."

But Claire hit back: "I was one of the 16million and I accept that.

"I accept the referendum was the last we're going to leave the Common Market, the EU, however you want to define it. But I will not accept is our parliamentary process being denigrated and insulted."

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