The “Jolly” African Refugee Who Took Nigel Farage By Surprise

26 April 2017, 21:25

The “Jolly” African Refugee Who Took Nigel Farage By Surprise

This African refugee’s positive outlook on life left Nigel Farage taken back.


Nigel Farage was taken back by the positive outlook this African refugee took on his situation.

Moses, who now lives in Bedford, was brought to Britain from Liberia 12 years ago after civil war broke out in the country.

He was prompted to get in touch during an LBC debate over a government policy to return refugees after five years if their home country is safe.

After Moses told Nigel Liberia was now secure in some areas, the LBC presenter asked: “If you get a knock on the door tonight from the Home Office and they say: 'Moses old son, you've had your chips in Britain it's time to go back to Liberia,' you would not be very happy would you?”

Expecting Moses to say no, Nigel was stunned when the caller took a completely different view on the situation.

Moses responded: “As long as they tell me where to go, which area, which street, which house to go then yeah, I'd be alright, why not?”

Lauding the clear-cut reply, Nigel smiled and said: “You are very open-minded about this so it's a very, very helpful contribution and you sound very jolly and very happy.”

Watch the pair’s discussion in full above.

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