Caller Asks: “Why Am I Agreeing With Nigel Farage?”

28 June 2017, 21:26

"Why Am I Agreeing With Nigel Farage?"

"Why Am I Agreeing With Nigel Farage?"


Nigel and caller Chris put differences aside to agree that “public sector workers have been paying this price long enough”.

Following Labour's attempted amendment to the one percent pay cap, Nigel stated that our national debt “has more than doubled in the last seven years.”

He asked caller Chris “Should we reprioritise? Or is a budget deficit something we shouldn’t worry about?”

Chris replied: “Get rid of the contractors.

“The money’s not going where the money needs to go.

"Get rid of all the massive amount of mangers that you’ve got in the NHS that don’t need to be there.”

Surprised by himself, Chris said “for God’s sake, why am I agree with Nigel Farage?”

“I can’t stand you.”

Nigel Farage Caller Chris

Nigel agreed, saying “People have seen their bills going up way more than the rate of inflation.”

“I think public sector workers have been paying this price long enough”

He added “Chris, however much you don’t like me, I agree with you.”

Watch the whole clip above.

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