Farage: 'We've Been Let Down Like A Cheap Pair Of Braces By Philip Hammond'

8 March 2017, 20:33

Nigel Farage - 8th March 2017

Nigel Farage made the comments in light of the Budget 2017, where the Chancellor announced a hike in the rate of National Insurance for small business owners.

Farage: 'We've Been Let Down Like A Cheap Pair Of Braces'

A frustrated Nigel Farage has describe the Budget 2017 as 'lacking in vision and inspiration.'


The Chancellor has broken a manifesto promise by hiking the rate of National Insurance contributions for small business owners. 

Under the changes, those who are self-employed will see an increase of 60p a week in National Insurance contributions from April 2018.

Nigel has called the Budget "the most uninspiring budget" he has even seen and that it is "lacking in vision and lacking in inspiration."

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