Comparisons Between May And Thatcher Died With Tory Manifesto, Nigel Says

18 May 2017, 20:11

Nigel Farage Gives His Take On The Conservative Manifesto

Comparisons between Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher died with this Tory manifesto, says Nigel Farage.


Theresa May has been likened to the Iron Lady since her premiership began, but those comparisons will end now the Conservatives’ manifesto has been released, Nigel Farage believes.

The party’s election pledges have sparked a huge reaction on LBC, with many of you telling us you were unhappy with what the Prime Minister describes as the “social care revolution”.

Under the Tories’ proposals, the cost of care threshold will rise from £23,000 to £100,000.

However, the party now wants to include the value of homes in the calculation of assets for home care as well as residential care.

Reacting to the idea, Nigel told his LBC show: “This seems to be the one which is causing the biggest issue.”

He went on: “It is definitely a different looking Conservative Party. Any comparisons between Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May will have died today.

“She’s taken the party in many ways economically much more to the centre… It’s probably the traditional Tory-right that are feeling nervous about it.”

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