Did Theresa May Send A Text Message To The Nigel Farage Show?

3 July 2017, 20:31

Did Theresa May Text Into The Nigel Farage Show

Did Theresa May Text Into The Nigel Farage Show


When Nigel Farage received a damning text message from “Theresa” urging him to get behind the Prime Minister, he was left wondering whether it was from Mrs May herself.

The outspoken LBC presenter was debating whether the PM had lost credibility after senior members of her government urged her to scrap the one per cent pay cap for public workers.

Nigel described the situation as a “shambles” - which led an angry texter named Theresa to give him a good slap on the wrist.

Nigel Farage Theresa May

The message read: “Yes, she does have credibility and you should support her if you want Brexit delivered - Theresa”.

The text left Nigel pondering... Had Mrs May taken a break from her busy schedule to contact LBC?

Nigel couldn't tell one way or another as he defended his criticisms of the Tory government.

Watch the clip above and see what you think…

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