Outrageous Donald Trump Fan Leaves Nigel Farage In Absolute Stitches

6 June 2017, 20:18

Outrageous Donald Trump Fan Leaves Nigel Farage In Absolute Stitches


This outrageous Donald Trump fan left Nigel Farage in complete stitches when he went into a massive rant about people who criticise the US President.

James in Romford was simply fed up with the latest calls for the Republican’s state visit to the UK to be cancelled after he criticised Sadiq Khan’s response to the London terror attack.

The US President has come under fire after for accusing the Mayor of London of “pathetic excuses” and although a serious subject, James’ tirade left Nigel in almost tears.

“These absolute lunatic lefties mate,” the LBC caller said.

“We’ve heard it all day, it’s driving me up the wall. We’ve had James O’Brien and another lady… Do you know what? I’m going to wear a Trump mask at a protest and show I’m my support.

“He’s the only straight talking person out there who speaks for the silent majority!”

Nigel, who was broadcasting from France, described James’ very passionate speech as the “caller of the week”. Watch above and see if you concur!

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